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Write long descriptions for Debain packages created with Netbeans IDE 6.8

en Posted at 20. July 2010 12:01:29, 13967 times viewed #

This is a very short comment on how to write long descriptions for debian packages created with Netbeans IDE 6.8. Usually when creating debian packages a dpkg-deb programm parses a control file which contains informations like this:

Package: acme
Version: 1.0
Section: web
Priority: optional
Architecture: all
Essential: no
Depends: libwww-perl, acme-base (>= 1.2)
Pre-Depends: perl
Recommends: mozilla | netscape
Conflicts: wile-e-coyote
Replaces: sam-sheepdog
Provides: acme
Description: The description can contain free-form text
                describing the function of the program, what
                kind of features it has, and so on.
 More descriptive text.
Here the short description is indicated by "Description: " tag and long description is the paragraph starting with an empty space at the end of the file. ...

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