nrEngine File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
Binding.h [code]
Clock.cpp [code]
Clock.h [code]
DefaultScriptingFunctions.cpp [code]
Engine.cpp [code]
Engine.h [code]
EngineEvent.h [code]
Event.cpp [code]
Event.h [code]
EventActor.cpp [code]
EventActor.h [code]
EventChannel.cpp [code]
EventChannel.h [code]
EventFactory.cpp [code]
EventFactory.h [code]
EventManager.cpp [code]
EventManager.h [code]
Exception.cpp [code]
Exception.h [code]
FileStream.cpp [code]
FileStream.h [code]
FileStreamLoader.cpp [code]
FileStreamLoader.h [code]
FileSystemManager.h [code]
GetTime.cpp [code]
GetTime.h [code]
IFileSystem.cpp [code]
IFileSystem.h [code]
IScript.cpp [code]
IScript.h [code]
IStream.cpp [code]
IStream.h [code]
ITask.cpp [code]
ITask.h [code]
IThread.cpp [code]
IThread.h [code]
ITimeObserver.h [code]
Kernel.cpp [code]
Kernel.h [code]
KernelEvent.cpp [code]
KernelEvent.h [code]
KernelTaskEvent.h [code]
KeySym.h [code]
Log.cpp [code]
Log.h [code]
include/nrEngine.h [code]
nrEngine.h [code]
Package.h [code]
Platform.h [code]
Plugin.cpp [code]
Plugin.h [code]
PluginLoader.cpp [code]
PluginLoader.h [code]
Prerequisities.h [code]
Priority.h [code]
Profiler.cpp [code]
Profiler.h [code]
Property.cpp [code]
Property.h [code]
PropertyManager.cpp [code]
PropertyManager.h [code]
Resource.cpp [code]
Resource.h [code]
ResourceFactory.h [code]
ResourceHolder.cpp [code]
ResourceHolder.h [code]
ResourceLoader.cpp [code]
ResourceLoader.h [code]
ResourceManager.cpp [code]
ResourceManager.h [code]
ResourcePtr.cpp [code]
ResourcePtr.h [code]
ResourceSystem.h [code]
Result.h [code]
Script.cpp [code]
Script.h [code]
ScriptConnector.cpp [code]
ScriptConnector.h [code]
ScriptEngine.cpp [code]
ScriptEngine.h [code]
ScriptLoader.cpp [code]
ScriptLoader.h [code]
SmartPtr.h [code]
StdHeaders.h [code]
StdHelpers.cpp [code]
StdHelpers.h [code]
Timer.cpp [code]
Timer.h [code]
TimeSource.cpp [code]
TimeSource.h [code]
TimeSourceVirtual.cpp [code]
TimeSourceVirtual.h [code]
VariadicArgument.cpp [code]
VariadicArgument.h [code]

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